COVID-19 Statement, 27 March 2020

27 March 2020

At Wilsons we want to keep you up to date with our plans in response to COVID-19.

The safety and wellbeing of our team, clients and contacts – and their families – continues to be our paramount concern.

In line with government guidance and our own health and safety policy, almost all of the Wilsons team are now working from home. We continue to provide all of our services in the usual way, with the exception that our Salisbury and London offices are now closed for the time being in the interests of protecting public health. There will be a skeleton presence in the Salisbury office for work which is absolutely necessary and which cannot be done remotely. We are grateful to the volunteer staff who have come forward to be part of the skeleton team to ensure business continuity in these difficult times. Alongside enhanced hygiene facilities and guidelines, this on-site cover will respect social distancing requirements.

For the majority of our lawyers and support staff communication with clients and colleagues is via video conferencing, telephone and email. The transition to home-working has been reasonably smooth, but it does mean our ability to process hard copy material in Salisbury is limited due to the size of the skeleton team. We would be extremely grateful if all correspondence and documents could be sent to us, wherever possible, by email, at least until the guidance changes and it is safe for us to reopen our offices.

We do appreciate it might not always be possible for you to send documents via email, in which case please do not hesitate to contact our Client Services team who will be able to help you make alternative arrangements.

As a firm we have robust, agile working systems which will ensure we can continue to operate as normally as possible, whilst at the same time providing maximum assurance for our team, clients and contacts. Business continues - as it must in these extremely difficult times.

As I mentioned in my previous update, we’re all in this together. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me – or your usual contact in the firm - with any questions you may have about our response to the pandemic. If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know.

Mike Parker
Managing Partner

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