Government Vouchers worth £500 to help with family mediation

21 January 2022

Today marks the end of Family Mediation Week and the Government has just announced an additional £1.3 million to promote Mediation and support families resolve issues relating to their children or their finances.

Family Mediation is a process in which an independent, professionally trained Mediator or Mediators, help couples work out arrangements for their children and in relation to their finances following the breakdown of relationships.

This new Government funding will provide 2440 additional vouchers for Mediation, each worth £500.

Mediation helps couples resolve disagreements and avoid going to Court which can be expensive and often lead to intolerable delays in reaching a conclusion.  

Mediation can also avoid harm that children can suffer as a result of continuing conflict between their parents.

This scheme will remain open for Mediation participants until 26 March 2022.

Further information can be obtained from the Family Mediation Council and the Government has produced a very useful guidance to the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme which can be found here.

Graham Coy, a Family Mediator accredited with the Family Mediation Council and a Partner in the Family team at Wilsons is more than happy to discuss this Scheme and the advantages of Mediation.  

Please contact him at 020 7041 9591 or by email.

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