In the press: No-Fault Divorce

7 April 2022

Family Law Partner Graham Coy has been quoted in a number of publications recently discussing the introduction of No-Fault Divorce and how it can enable couples to split more amicably.

Subject to any paywall restrictions, you can access the full articles below. Graham expresses his view that this is a much needed reform to the ‘blame game’. 

The Telegraph, 6 April 2022
“Flood of divorces expected today as ‘no fault’ separation rules take effect”

The Times, 31 March 2022
“Finally” End of the divorce blame game”

GQ Magazine, 17 March 2022
“How the new no-fault divorce law will help quash stigmas around marriage break-ups”

IFA Magazine, 6 April 2022
“No-fault divorce is here: legal experts share their views”

Today’s Family Lawyer, 4 April 2022
“Fairness on divorce: discretion or formula?

LexisNexis Blogs, 1 April 2022
“The need for review of financial provision following divorce or dissolution”

Solicitors Journal, 6 April 2022
“’No fault’ divorce is here: but is it good news for the family lawyers?”

TalkRadio, 6 April 2022
Graham was interviewed by Julia Hartley-Brewer to discuss the introduction of No-Fault Divorce and what this means for separating couples

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