Important information to note when using an unknown egg or sperm donor

13 March 2018

  1. When choosing a donor you can find out very basic information about them.
  2. Using an egg or sperm donor through an HFEA licensed clinic means that all health and screening checks will have been undertaken and you know you will be proceeding safely.
  3. Since 2005 a donor is no longer anonymous.  When proceeding with a donor at an HFEA clinic the donor's details are recorded on the HFEA register.  At the age of 16 your child will be able to obtain non-identifying information about the donor, such as eye and hair colour.  At the age of 18 your child will be able to obtain identifying information, to include the donor's name and last known address.  There is also a sibling register, where a donor-conceived person can register themselves and if a sibling from the same donor registers they will be put in touch with one another.

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