Infertile couples pay £60,000 for a surrogate baby

9 July 2018

With UK fertility rates continuing to decline, people are beginning to look to alternative ways of achieving their dream of parenthood.  Surrogacy, where an individual carries a baby for the intended parents, is one route which is growing in popularity.  Since 2007 there has been a 550% rise in applications for parental orders which are the orders made by a court recognising the intended parents and not the surrogate as the legal parents. 

Many couples are wrongly put off surrogacy as they think it will be too complicated or too costly as recently reported in The Times.  Couples should not dismiss it without first considering it.  Today there are many options available to couples looking to become parents via a surrogate.  This is a highly sensitive issue and with careful exploration, couples will most likely find a solution that is right for them whether that be a UK surrogacy through a family member or using a clinic led overseas surrogate.  The most important thing that all prospective parents should remember is that the key to being recognised as the legal parents of a child born via a surrogate is to seek competent legal advice at the outset and thereby avoiding the surrogacy pitfalls later on.

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