Iran: a growing destination for surrogacy

18 March 2019

The High Court have granted a Parental Order in respect of a baby born via a surrogate in Iran.

The judgment provides a useful insight into the progressive nature of Iran to fertility treatments.  Surrogacy has been permitted for infertile married couples in Iran for over 13 years.  Around 2,000 children are born via a surrogate each year in the capital city alone.  There are over 70 registered fertility clinics in the country and many of them are involved in cutting edge technology.

There are certain restrictions on fertility treatments in Iran due to religious reasons.  For example, sperm donation in fertility treatment is not permitted and the intended parents must have the same religion as the egg donor.  However, in relation to fertility law and treatment, Iran is very progressive.

Iran is one of the very few (and possibly only) Islamic country that permits and promotes surrogacy and although it is currently a relatively undiscovered destination for UK couples exploring the possibilities of surrogacy, this looks set to change.


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