Top tips for intended parents

9 August 2019

  1. Do your research
    Make sure you understand what surrogacy is and the options available to you.
  2. Choose the path that is right for you
    Once you have narrowed down your options, think carefully about the potential positive and negative impacts on you and how you will cope with these.
  3. Talk about it
    It is good to get the opinion of trusted friends and family as their support will be invaluable as your journey continues.
  4. Get legal advice
    It is vital that you seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity whether you are pursuing a domestic or international surrogacy.  This will provide you with clarity on questions such as,  who the authorities will regard as the child's legal parents, how you can become the child's legal parents and the immigration procedure you will need to follow.  Having a clear idea on the legal position at the outset will put you in the best possible position to move the process forward without difficulty.
  5. Choose a clinic you trust
    The clinic will play a pivotal role in your journey.  You want to choose a clinic that meets your requirements and operates in a way that you are comfortable with.  You may want to ask them questions about their surrogate selection method, how they manage the process and what psychological support they offer you and the surrogate.
  6. Build a relationship with your surrogate
    After the child, the surrogate is the most important person in this process.  Support her and her family, engage and communicate with her during the pregnancy and ensure you have her wellbeing as a priority.   
  7. Enjoy the wonderful gift you have been given
    The amazing culmination of this process is your child.  Make sure that you try to front load as much of the legal and administrative tasks in advance as possible so that once your child is born, you can devote as much of your time to them as possible.

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