Strong, sympathetic advice

We focus on our client's ultimate objectives, designing a strategy for each individual that will help them to achieve their goals and reach a satisfactory conclusion.

As one of the country's leading private client firms, we advise a complete range of people on the difficult and sensitive issues that can emerge in relation to the most important relationships in their lives, and we help many more clients who wish to make precautionary arrangements to safeguard their family's financial affairs in case problems ever arise.

Our team of specialists regularly advise clients on divorce and separation, pre-nuptial arrangements and the full range of options available to clients when structuring their affairs to accommodate changes in their family's circumstances, and in the urgent, often emotional disputes that concern children in their families.  No matter how complex or heated the circumstances might be, we provide clear, calm guidance and Wilsons' strength-in-depth ensures we can guide our clients through even the most unexpected challenges.

We are also one of the few firms in the country that can provide advice to clients who are looking to start a family and wish to explore the full range of options available to them.  Please click here to transfer to our dedicated microsite if you would like to find out more about this service.