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Creating a family...

...can be done in many different ways. With surrogacy, egg and sperm donation, co-parenting and adoption available, you need to be clear on what your options are so you can make an informed decision.

We have a wealth of experience in advising and representing clients from all walks of life and with all sorts of differing circumstances on their journey to parenthood. You can rest assured that you will receive clear, concise and non-judgemental advice to help guide you to achieving your dream of a family.

We are experienced in parenting and fertility law, having helped to create many families of all shapes and sizes. We understand that you may feel overwhelmed by all the information made available to you, as the law is complex, applying very strictly to specific circumstances. Whether you are a heterosexual couple, in a same sex relationship or single, we can sit down with you to discuss the different routes available to you to help you start your family. We sincerely hope that you will then be able to make an informed choice, moving forwards on your journey to parenthood. 


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Modern Parenting


Many intended parents enter into a surrogacy arrangement here in the UK because they have a family member or friend who...

Modern Parenting

Donor conception

The law regarding legal responsibilities is complex. Who is involved and how, when and where conception takes place...

Modern Parenting

Adoption and fostering

Another option for starting a family is adoption or fostering. Both provide a way to bring a child into your family and...

Modern Parenting


If you are considering a co-parenting arrangement, whereby you parent a child with someone with whom you are not in a...

Modern Parenting

Single parents

Single women

We are increasingly seeing single women deciding to start a family on their own. It is a big decision and...

Modern Parenting

Same-sex couples

Gay fathers

For gay fathers wishing to start a family together the world is a different place to the one it was even a...

Modern Parenting

Heterosexual couples

If you are a heterosexual couple wishing to start or grow your family there are a number of options available to you...

Modern Parenting

Parental disputes

It is always difficult when a relationship breaks down and naturally the welfare of your child will be your primary...

Modern Parenting

Specialist wills

It is important to ensure when you have a child that you have arrangements in place should the worst happen. Given that...

Modern Parenting

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