If you are considering a co-parenting arrangement, whereby you parent a child with someone with whom you are not in a relationship, it is important that the arrangement is set up correctly, ensuring that everyone has the same expectations. Issues such as who the child will live with, financial responsibility and schooling expectations will need to be considered at the outset.

We have a wealth of experience in helping clients with all sorts of differing circumstances enter into co-parenting arrangements. Some parents may wish to raise their child together with their friend, or the intention may be that there are four parents (albeit that only two people can ever be recognised as the legal parents). The law is complex in recognising who has what legal responsibilities and it is therefore important to seek legal advice specific to your circumstances and to ensure that the people you intend to be the legal parents are recognised as such. It is also important to ensure that those in the arrangement who do not have automatic legal status acquire status through other means.

If you are entering into a co-parenting arrangement, you may wish to consider having a co-parenting agreement. This will set out your agreed intentions for the future. We find that the preparation of such a document helps you identify any mismatch of expectations at the outset and helps ease the path for you and your child in the future. 

If it is the intention that the donor will have no further involvement then you may wish to consider having a donor agreement prepared setting out the exact terms of the agreement between you.