Donor conception

The law regarding legal responsibilities is complex. Who is involved and how, when and where conception takes place will affect whom the law determines are the legal parents. Therefore it is important to seek legal advice prior to conception to ensure that those who intend to be the legal parents are recognised as such.

We can consider your specific circumstances and explain how the law will apply to you and advise what steps can be taken to protect both your and your donor's position. 

Conceiving with an unknown donor
You may choose to conceive using an unknown donor. If you choose a donor through a licensed UK fertility clinic then you will have sole legal responsibility for your child and the donor will have no legal rights. 

It is worth bearing in mind that your child will have information rights in respect of the donor. 

Conceiving with a known donor
If you are conceiving with a known donor it is very important to ensure that you both understand exactly what you each expect from the arrangement, such as: 

  • is the donor going to have a parental role?
  • will the donor have any role in the child's life?
  • if so, how often will the donor see the child and when?
  • what about financial responsibilities?

These are just a few of the issues which need to be considered at the outset and we would be happy to discuss your plans with you and advise on how the law works with your particular circumstances and on who will have legal rights and responsibilities for your child.