Heterosexual couples

If you are a heterosexual couple wishing to start or grow your family there are a number of options available to you and, over the years, we have seen many success stories and happy families created.

Egg or sperm donor
You may be considering conceiving with an egg or sperm donor and there are legal implications, depending on your circumstances, which may affect you or your child later in life. For example, if you conceive at a UK licensed fertility clinic, your child at the age of 16 has a right to obtain non-identifying information about their donor, and at 18 has a right to obtain identifying information. Your child will also have the option to register on a sibling register, so that contact can be made with any siblings from the same donor, should they also register their interest. If you conceive at a clinic in a foreign jurisdiction, then the option for your child to find out information about their genetic identity may not be available. 

Should you decide not to use a donor from a licensed UK fertility clinic, there can be some serious implications as to who the legal parents of the baby are and it is therefore vital that you obtain legal advice specific to your circumstances. 

You may be considering surrogacy as an option for having your baby: surrogacy means that another woman carries your child for you. 

If you are considering surrogacy it is important you find a surrogate and an arrangement you are comfortable with. We are happy to discuss any arrangement with you and to consider the legal implications whether you are considering an arrangement here in the UK or abroad. 

Once your baby is born there is a court process to follow to have both parents recognised in law as the legal parents. Click here to see our pages on Surrogacy for further information.

With the right support, advice and treatment surrogacy provides a real option to help you become parents. 

Fostering and adoption
If you have decided you do not wish to continue with or undergo fertility treatment, then fostering children or adopting is another option available to you. 

Whatever your decision and whatever your thoughts we will provide you with clear and sensitive advice, helping you to make an informed decision as to the best way to expand your family.