Single parents

Single women

We are increasingly seeing single women deciding to start a family on their own. It is a big decision and not one made lightly by any of our clients. However, with the right support and advice at the outset, we have seen many happy families created.

Conceiving with a known donor 
It is very important to ensure that you and your known donor know exactly what you each expect from the arrangement. Is the expectation that the donor will be a father figure? Is it intended that he will have full legal rights and responsibilities in respect of the child? Is he not going to have any involvement with the child? All these questions need to be considered prior to conception to ensure that the arrangement is set up correctly so that you each have the legal rights and responsibilities you are expecting. 

Who is involved and how, when, and where conception takes place will affect whom the law determines are the legal parents. If you conceive at home through artificial insemination then the donor will automatically be considered the legal father with all the associated rights and responsibilities. If you conceive through a licensed UK fertility clinic then it is possible to sign election forms for the donor not to have any legal rights or responsibilities. 

If it is the intention that you are going to co-parent the child then you may wish to consider having a co-parenting agreement prepared, setting out what your agreed intentions for the future are. We find that in the preparation of such a document it helps to identify any mismatch of expectation between you and we hope it helps to ease the path for you and your baby in the future. 

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If it is the intention that the donor will have no further involvement, then you may wish to consider having a donor agreement prepared, setting out your intentions and expectations. 

Conceiving with an unknown donor 
You may choose to conceive using an unknown donor. If you choose a donor through a licensed UK fertility clinic, then you will have sole legal responsibility for your child and the donor will have no legal rights. 

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Adoption and fostering
Adopting or fostering a child is also an option and we can consider each option with you and explain the process. 

Single men

We are increasingly seeing single men choosing to start their own family. We understand that this is a decision not made lightly and together we can consider your specific circumstances.

One option available for single fathers is to enter into a co-parenting arrangement where you parent a child with someone without being in a relationship with them. Given the various different frameworks for such an arrangement, it is important that the arrangement is correctly set up, to ensure that every one has the same expectation of involvement with the child. Issues such as who the child will live with, financial responsibility, schooling expectations etc. also need to be considered at the outset. 

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Adoption or fostering
Adoption and fostering are also options available to consider and we can discuss these with you and explain the process.