What is an Executor?

An Executor is a person who has been named in a will as the person responsible for sorting out the deceased's affairs when they die. Executors are also known as Personal Representatives. If you are named as an Executor and you do not wish to act, you can formally step down or not play an active role however, it is important that you haven't done any work towards the administration of the estate before you do this.

If there is no will then someone else can take on the role who would then be referred to as an Administrator. This person could be someone who will be inheriting from the estate (known as a "beneficiary") or even someone who is owed money by the deceased.

An Executor is under an obligation to administer an estate in accordance with the will and in a timely manner. However, not all Executors do this which can result in tensions between Executors and beneficiaries. Where an Executor has not complied with their duties they can be removed from acting.

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