Changes Proposed to Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) (STEP)

8 December 2022

The Government are considering big changes this week to the way Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) can be made and registered, with current proposals set to add more safeguards – and costs?

If implemented, identity checks will become compulsory to verify not only the donor but any named attorneys and the certificate provider too. While this will help protect the donor from fraud, failure to satisfy identity requirements could lead to referrals to the Court of Protection, potentially adding time and costs to an already lengthy process.

Other changes could also mean that only the donor is able to apply for registration, making it more important that they do so as soon as possible. It also proposes that the Office of the Public Guardian opens the door to third parties not linked to the application, to object to its registration if they have concerns.

Following the success of online verification of LPAs, further thought is also being given to making LPAs more digital, hopefully making the process easier and more efficient for all. It also builds on the rather helpful ability for donors and attorneys to now make changes to their personal details in a way not previously possible with paper versions – handy for any minor corrections after registration!

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