CIPD to issue guidance on supporting employees who have experienced pregnancy or baby loss

10 November 2022

The CIPD has carried out research which shows that workplace support for people experiencing pregnancy or baby loss is "significantly lacking". The CIPD's aim is for organisations to recognise baby loss as an important workplace health and wellbeing issue and have put together recommended principles to provide effective support.

Sadly, it is estimated that one in four pregnancies end in loss. This will be a physically, emotionally and socially difficult time for those experiencing the pregnancy or baby loss. In October this year, the CIPD issued their survey report on workplace support for employees experiencing pregnancy or baby loss. It found that there was a considerable gap in the level of support and understanding provided by employers with only a quarter of employees receiving paid compassionate or other special leave and a fifth of employees receiving no support at all. 

The CIPD has confirmed it will publish guidance to provide practical advice on developing workplace support. It will be based on the following five principles of good practice:

  • Raise awareness across the organisation about the need for pregnancy or baby loss to be recognised as an important workplace wellbeing issue.
  • Create an open, inclusive and supportive culture to break down stigma.  
  • Develop an organisational framework to support employees experiencing pregnancy or baby loss. This should include a policy covering this specific type of bereavement.
  • Manage absence and leave with compassion and flexibility.
  • Equip line managers to support people with empathy and understanding.

To read the CIPD's survey report in full, please click here.

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