Reforms To Lasting Powers Of Attorney – Do They Go Far Enough? (WealthBriefing)

30 August 2022

WealthBriefing has published an article by Associate, Martha Swann, examing the area of lasting powers of attorney, a feature of the English common law system. 

LPAs are very useful documents, allowing named individuals to act on behalf of others who are unable to do so for themselves. The UK government are looking to update the LPA appication process by moving it completely online. This will not only modernise the process but will allow for more robust checks on who is being appointed and why. However, this doesn't provide full protection against vulnerable donors and it is still recommended to talk to a professional if you are thinking of making an LPA.

Martha comments: "LPAs are often compared with insurance policies where you only need to pay one premium and you are covered but, as with all insurance policies, the devil is in the detail, and you want to make sure that the small print is absolutely fit for purpose."

You can access the full article here.

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