Agrilaw 2019: Issues facing a diversified rural business

Date: 6 February 2019

Venue: Winchester Guildhall, The Broadway, Winchester SO23 9GH

Time: 09:15 - 13:00

"As ever very informative and entertaining. One of the best seminars I attend every year."
"Equally informative & enjoyable. Fantastic use of actors to give context & keep engaging."
"As always a very useful conference"

We will be taking a look at a fictional large diversified "farming" business and consider the consequences of dealing with complicated business structures, fiduciary duties, unintended partnerships, employment issues, how best to restructure and hand over to the next generation and finally at protecting Landlords when negotiating leases.

With large diverse family structures there are different legal structures and ownerships. Typically there is a dominant individual who "controls" the enterprise.  We will look at the potential problems this creates in relation to their fiduciary duties and how advisors and their clients can be caught out.

As you would expect with a large diversified enterprise there are inevitably employment issues.  We will provide practical guidance on how best to deal with difficult employees and the consequences of failing to do so and we will also cover the upcoming challenges of employing foreign workers (if by then we are any the wiser!).

Handing over a business is difficult on many levels, so we will explore simplifying business structures and the options available to owners.

To close, we will present a lease negotiation and the protections a landlord needs to put in place.

Our team will give practical tips and by popular request, we will be joined by actors to bring the key moments vividly to life.

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