Wealth Planning and Protection

“Thank you to you for all your advice and guidance throughout this process. You’ve made it all a lot less painful than it could have been, and I really appreciate that.”

Client, 2023

Providing certainty

There are now more options than ever before for those who wish to plan their finances in preparation for a major event, such as marriage, and for those who simply wish to add a greater layer of certainty to their existing relationships.

The family law team at Wilsons advise on all of the options available to families in family law, as part of wealth planning, when preparing for the future, in order to safeguard assets and provide clarity.  We recognise what a difficult and stressful time it can be when considering your options and we provide a bespoke service.

This includes prenuptial, postnuptial and prepartnership agreements, co-habitation agreements and protective trust structures.

Prenuptial agreements allow parties to agree how their assets and liabilities would be determined on a divorce. They can help achieve certainty and following the case of Radmacher v Granatino in 2010, they can be a magnetic factor in the family courts, for protecting family wealth.

Working closely with Wilsons' leading Tax & Trusts team, we create arrangements tailored to provide the certainty our clients require in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

The family team at Wilsons can advise you if you have been asked to enter into an agreement, or if your partner has asked you to enter into an agreement, we can provide you with the expert advice on whether the agreement is fair and protect your interests. We can advise you on the effect of an agreement you have already signed and make you aware of the effect of that agreement in this jurisdiction or take steps with you to consider the effect of that agreement in another jurisdiction. For further information see our guide should I get a prenuptial agreement or contact the family team at Wilsons for more information.