What is family law?

26 July 2023

Family law involves a wide range of issues, that can arise from someone experiencing a problem in their family.

These issues can include a relationship having broken down permanently, a dispute over the arrangements for a child, or someone requiring protection from abuse. Family practitioners advise clients on the law that regulates disputes between family members and advise on how to resolve issues.

Often family law involves preliminary advice from family law solicitors.  When dealing with a family issue, it is never clear cut and often it is a good idea to take pre-emptive advice, even if the dispute involves temporary difficulties and it is not clear whether the relationship is at an end.

The areas family law solicitors advise on most commonly involve the process of divorce and separation,  how the courts determine the division of capital, arrangements for children, protection from domestic abuse and the legal position of cohabiting couples.

Family law is unique in how it intersects with other areas of law and family law solicitors have to incorporate in their assessment of the facts in a case, when it is appropriate for a client to get advice on tax, trusts, corporate advice, employment advice or advice on reputation management. In high net worth cases, which may involve corporate or trust assets in different jurisdictions, a client might have to take advice in several different areas of law.

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