Avanti West Coast under fire for menopause gift bags (HR Magazine)

4 April 2024

Senior Associate, Natasha Letchford's comments have been published in HR Magazine about a gift bag that was intended to help support conversations about the menopause was met with criticism.

Avanti West Coast's Menopause Support Group, initiated by female employees undergoing menopause, is part of a broader conversation on how workplaces address menopausal support.

Amantha King, a workplace menopause consultant, emphasizes that responsibility for menopause strategies should not solely rest on internal groups but should be an employer-led initiative, highlighting the importance of investing in menopause experts to foster inclusive cultures.

Natasha comments: "There is currently no legal obligation for employers to support employees going through the menopause... Employers could also provide practical adjustments for staff, such as allowing additional breaks, providing a private area to rest, or allowing home working." This highlights the gap between current legal requirements and the potential for proactive employer support in creating a more inclusive work environment.

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