Boundary Disputes – a new scheme

20 November 2020

From Peter Bourke, Senior Partner

As part of my extracurricular activity I am the current chairman of the Property Litigation Association Law Reform Committee and we have been working with the Ministry of Justice and the RICS to set up a new panel of mediators for boundary disputes. 

This article summarises the work done to date. This will create a specialist group of mediators to deal with boundary disputes. 

As the title of the articles states, boundary disputes are a particularly hideous form of litigation. The hope is that every boundary dispute that ends up in court will be required to mediate and the parties directly referred to this new panel. 

As both a property litigator and an RICS accredited mediator I can extol the merits of mediation especially in relation to boundary disputes. If you are looking for a mediator I am happy to assist. Please contact me directly or use the contact us form.

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