Dealing with Parent issues - A tale of two halves

4 September 2018

When the Parents of a child disagree or are going through a difficult period of separation or divorce, it is often difficult for schools to manage differing demands and expectations.

We have advised a number of our schools clients on a range of issues that might come into play in these scenarios.

For independent schools, if the issue relates to the ability or willingness to pay fees, you may have the discretion to release one party from their liability to pay school fees under the Parent/School Contract. In exceptional circumstances, the School may be prepared to vary the Parent/School Contract by way of a Letter Agreement which documents the changes to the terms and conditions for a particular family. This might provide a solution to a number of issues relating to fees and also improve the relationship with Parents.

Here are a few other examples:

  • One Parent claims that they are receiving less preferable treatment or communication from the school and they are entitled to more?
  • A Parent has withdrawn their child from the School without the knowledge or consent of the other Parent?
  • The behaviour of a Parent towards your staff is completely unacceptable and beginning to put the future relationship with the School at risk?
  • A child's relative demands that they have the right to see a copy of a pupil's educational record.

If you are managing some difficult Parent issues or have any similar queries, we would be happy to help. Please contact Stephen Oxley or Vicky Wilson in the first instance, or your usual Wilsons contact.

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