Dementia cases and inheritance disputes: How to challenge a will (The Money Pages)

4 April 2024

Solicitor, Alexandra McVean, has written an article for The Money Pages about understanding how to challenge a will effectively in dementia cases and inheritance disputes.

Alexandra sheds light on the escalating number of dementia cases, projected to reach 1.7 million by 2040, and the unprecedented wealth transfer occurring as baby boomers pass down over £1 trillion to the next generation within this decade.

This significant shift is leading to an increase in will disputes, further complicated by the simplicity of creating wills online or through homemade kits, without legal supervision. Alexandra writes about complexities introduced by modern family dynamics, such as blended families from multiple marriages, which enlarge the pool of potential claimants.

She outlines various grounds for challenging a will, including improper execution, the testator's lack of sound mind, and undue influence by beneficiaries, emphasizing the importance of gathering evidence and seeking legal advice swiftly to contest a will effectively. "Awareness of claims has increased with cases being widely reported in the media," Alexandra comments, pointing to the growing public interest and concern regarding the fair distribution of estates.

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