Doing Away With Dirty Laundry (New Law Journal)

15 September 2023

The private details of divorces and separations, when leaked, can have a significant impact on the reputations of the involved parties. As family law shifts towards greater transparency, the lines between public and private information are becoming increasingly blurred.

Head of Family, Natasha Grande, has written an article for New Law Journal stressing the importance of keeping it civil. 

The increasing openness in family courts has heightened focus on the potential influence that a public divorce can have on the reputation of a high-profile individual. High-profile individuals are particularly at risk, as their divorces often attract significant media attention, which can lead to a trial by public opinion. The impact of such publicity can be far-reaching, affecting not only the individuals' personal lives but also their professional prospects and mental health.

Subject to any paywall restrictions, you can access the full article here

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