Family court reporting pilot launches (Today’s Family Lawyer)

1 February 2023

This week, Today's Family Lawyer have featured an article regarding the family court reporting pilot that launched in Cardiff, Leeds, and Carlisle marking a significant step towards “opening up the family court” and increasing transparency. 

The pilot introduces the idea that accredited media and legal bloggers may report on what they see and hear during family court cases, subject to strict rules of anonymity. This will ensure that it can be done safely and with minimal disruption to those involved in the cases, and the courts. 

Partner, Graham Coy, comments in the article: "This debate has been rumbling on for three or more decades. It began with a series of article in the press complaining about ‘secret courts’. At times, the criticism of Judges, experts and lawyers was virulent and all too often ill-informed.”

Read the full article here

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