Junior Lawyers: Time to look further afield? (New Law Journal)

11 April 2023

In the latest addition of the New Law Journal, Senior Associate, Kate Stockdale explores the benefits of rural firms for junior lawyers. 

Anxiety, depression, stress, and a poor work-life balance are just a few of the struggles that junior lawyers face. Could moving away from the fast-paced competition of the city slow your career progression or lower the quality of work you're exposed to? 

Kate comments that rural firms put "more emphasis on the progression and supervision of those trainees they have taken on. Often, there is only one trainee for each department, and they can therefore get involved in a wide range of exciting work and cases. This also means that supervisors are often only looking after one junior and can give them more time, encouragement and feedback. "

Subject to any paywall restrictions, you can access the full article here

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