Justice with Joy

15 June 2022

Pride month is the celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, a positive stance promoting amongst other things, tolerance, dignity and equal rights. One theme of this year's pride celebrations is Justice with Joy.  

The 7th annual Salisbury Pride UK Festival will take place on Saturday 2nd July 2022 12 noon – 10pm at Queen Elizabeth Gardens.

Whilst the pride celebrations continue to strive forward and look towards the future, it is important to look back at what has been achieved so far.

Previously the LGBTQ+ community had been unable, for example, to get married, adopt children or serve in the armed forces.

The year 2004 marked the start of Civil Partnerships for same sex couples. This afforded same sex couples similar rights to those who were married. 10 years later the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 came into force which enabled same sex couples to marry in civil or religious ceremonies where certain criteria are met such as the religious organisation opting in to conduct such ceremonies.  

Same sex marriages, mean that same sex spouses now have the same rights as opposite sex spouses receive.

Marriage means that individuals need to carefully consider what steps to take to protect themselves if a marriage breaks down. Consideration with regards to preserving pre-marital assets should be given careful thought. Information about Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements can be found here

In the event that a marriage breaks down many couples seek a divorce or dissolution. Whilst the introduction of no-fault divorce undoubtedly has streamlined the divorce process, it is important, to keep in mind that divorce does not mean that you or your spouse can no longer bring a claim for the resolution of financial issues. 

The importance of obtaining legal advice regarding your divorce and finances is now more important than ever. The process is more streamlined, but this does not mean it is a simple tick box exercise. If you want to read more about the recent changes to divorce, you can do so here

Today's trends indicate a large proportion of the younger generation do not wish to get married at all. In these circumstances it is vitally important to seek advice or enter into a Cohabitation Agreement. Separation of unmarried couples is far less straightforward as one would imagine, especially if there are children and/or jointly owned assets.

The law has taken leaps and bounds since the Stonewall Riots in 1969. There is still much to be done to ensure that same-sex couples, married or not, are fully aware of their rights and obligations

At Wilsons we have a friendly team of experts who are able to offer legal advice and support to everyone.

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