More than 18,000 millionaires in the UK (Telegraph 10 September 2018)

10 September 2018

Tim Fullerlove has been featured in Daily Telegraph, commenting on the rising number of people earning more than £1m in the UK.

Tim comments: “Wealthy business executives, investors and non-doms from overseas are a boon for the UK economy, paying large amounts of taxes in the capital and generating jobs. Many high earners regard the UK as one of the most secure countries in which to hold their assets."

He adds: "There is now a danger, however, that what some commentators are calling the "golden goose" of wealthy investors is being taken for granted. There could be a risk of losing non-doms to other jurisdictions if UK tax reliefs are not attractive to them. There are also concerns that visa rules could be tightened after Brexit, shutting off investors from overseas."

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