Resolution calls for more rights for unmarried couples (Today’s Family Lawyer)

28 November 2023

Head of Family, Natasha Grande, has commented on the Vision for Family Justice in a new article by Today's Family Law

Resolution's recent poll indicates that 59% of respondents support improved legal protections for cohabiting couples, with 74% stating that current laws are inadequate for today's society. A significant 90% of surveyed Resolution members back a law change to grant basic rights to these couples. Over a third of cohabitees fear financial hardship or homelessness due to a lack of rights in case of a split. Half of the respondents have no intentions of marrying, with 34% seeing no necessity for it.

On its 40th anniversary, Resolution has published its Vision for Family Justice, advocating for enhanced rights for cohabiting couples due to its growing prevalence.

Natasha comments: "Wherever you fall in the debate between retaining the discretionary elements of family law and advocating for clearer statute,  the detail in the Vision for Family Justice is a giant leap for awareness of the difficulties facing families in the family law justice system and timely ahead of the election year."

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