The Future of Work - interview with Foray Motor Group

7 July 2017

A major report commissioned by Wilsons reveals that the biggest challenge for companies usually has nothing to do with finance, building market share, or efficiency. It's people.

With the emergence of the even more technically savvy Millennials, employers need to be able to address the shifting demands of their staff - the very fundamentals of how, where, and when they work.

Essential to get right, because profit is achieved by creativity, innovation, productivity, and great service delivery, all of which rely on an engaged and motivated workforce. People may very well be a company's most important asset - but undoubtedly they're the most time-consuming one.

Leading up to the publication of the report, we will be sharing the latest thought-provoking interview with a director of one of the companies to be included. Below are links to the available interviews which we hope you find of real interest and value.

**NEW** Foray Motor Group
Chris Yoxon

The Unlimited Company
Matt Main

Wilton Carpet Factory
James Sprint

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