Wilsons Sponsors Salisbury International Arts Festival: A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Masterpieces

Date: 9 June 2023

Venue: Rack Close, Salisbury Cathedral

Wilsons has proudly sponsored this years' Salisbury International Arts Festival, bringing two of Shakespeare's most iconic plays to life: Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest. The performances captivated audiences with their timeless tales, showcasing a unique blend of community involvement and professional acting.

The festival featured three enchanting performances of Romeo and Juliet, drawing an impressive 1,031 attendees. Set in the picturesque Salisbury Cathedral Grounds, the Lord Chamberlain's Men presented the heart-wrenching love story as it was first experienced during the Elizabethan era. With an all-male cast, authentic costumes, music, and dance, the production transported viewers back in time to witness the extraordinary sacrifices made for true love and the devastating consequences of entrenched conflict.

In addition to Romeo and Juliet, the festival also hosted 18 riveting performances of The Tempest, attracting a staggering 4,571 attendees. This magical tale of betrayal, forgiveness, and redemption showcased the combined talents of local community groups, youth casts, and professional actors, highlighting the power of collaboration and creativity.

Throughout the event, Wilsons demonstrated their commitment to supporting the arts by offering their guests luxury picnic hampers and VIP passes. These special touches further elevated the festival experience, creating lasting memories for all who attended.

The Salisbury International Arts Festival's productions of Romeo and Juliet and The Tempest were a resounding success, thanks in large part to the generous support of Wilsons. By sponsoring such a prestigious event, Wilsons has not only contributed to the rich cultural fabric of the community but has also provided a platform for local talent to shine alongside seasoned professionals.

Partner and Head of our Education Team, Debbie Ashenhurst, said about the event: " Our Education Law Team spent a wonderful, warm summer evening with guests from our school clients and their family members watching Romeo and Juliet in Rack Close. The performance by the Lord Chamberlain's Men was excellent, as usual, and gave us a great opportunity to spend time with clients outside work. As a firm, we feel it is important to sponsor this local event and the feedback from our guests has been uniformly positive."

Partner, Ben Thornton said "It was great opportunity for us to chat with those we regularly do business with in a more relaxed way."


Photograph by Jack Offord

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