How to choose the right law firm for you as a family lawyer (Today’s Family Lawyer)

15 August 2023

Today's Family Lawyer have published an article by Legal Executive, Lisa Payne, on how to choose the right law firm as a family lawyer.

Choosing the right law firm as a family lawyer can be a nuanced process, with both boutique specialist family firms and multi-practice firms offering unique benefits. As a junior family lawyer, the allure of successful specialist firms is undeniable. However, working in a multi-practice firm can offer a more varied experience and the opportunity to provide holistic advice to clients.

Family law is an incredibly diverse field, ensuring that no two days are alike. Working in a multi-practice firm allows you to tap into a wealth of knowledge from various legal disciplines, providing well-rounded advice to clients who may have diverse needs. For instance, a divorcing client might own multiple properties, a business, or need to update their will, requiring input from property, business, employment, and private client teams.

Lisa writes: "Of course, there are many pros and cons for specialist family law firms and multi-practice firms, but if I were choosing starting my career again, I know what one I would choose. As family lawyers we can only advise clients in the area of law in which we work, Family in my case, and that is where the advantages of a multi-disciplinary firm are overwhelming."

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