Top tips for recruiting the right family lawyer (Today’s Family Lawyer)

11 December 2023

Expanding a team is an exciting milestone, often indicating growth and increased work volume. However, recruiting the right person, especially a newly qualified family lawyer, requires a careful evaluation of their legal knowledge, interpersonal skills, empathy, and cultural fit within the firm. Family law can be emotionally charged, hence the need for a candidate with the right skill set.

Legal Executive, Lisa Payne, has written an article in Today's Family Lawyer about the top tips for recruiting the right family lawyer.

Lisa writes: "An interview is a two-way process and so you should hope the candidate will ask questions about the firm’s values and culture, career progression and how they will be supported with this, training and development needs, the current case load and calibre of the wider team’s cases and how their work life balance will be met."

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