Court of Protection

Always looking ahead

The Court of Protection is the branch of the court that deals with the affairs of people who lack the capacity to make decisions for themselves. Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005, such persons are referred to as ‘P’.

We advise deputies and prospective deputies - whether they are a member of the family, a friend or a professional - about applications to the Court of Protection including applications for:

  • the appointment of a deputy;
  • statutory wills;
  • authority to make gifts and loans;
  • authority to sell or purchase freehold or leasehold property; and
  • investment of funds.

Frances Mayne, our senior partner, acts as a professional deputy.

We have considerable experience in dealing with both contested and non-contested Court of Protection applications, for both applicants and respondents to applications.  Our aim is always to resolve the application without a hearing if possible.  Where this is not possible, we are experienced in representing parties at Court.